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Name: Ghassan Ouda

Educational Qualification


1        Diploma in computer sys and design Arts




1.       Worked as a 3D Animator since 2000 till 2006 in Art Animation Company in Ukraine\Kharkov. (Prevaty TV) ,full time


2.         Currently working as a freelancer in Dubai



Expert In


1        Autodesk Softimage (Generalist)

2        E-ON Vue

3        Realflow

4        ZBrush  and BodyPaint 3D

5        Adobe AE and PhotoShop

6        Tracking software (Bojou,PFTrack)




1.Experience in creating high 3D detailed characters (Human, Creatures and Animals ).starting from modeling , texturing , shading ,rigging , animating ,rendering and  Composting with live action video .


2.Experience in making 3D Natural Landscapes , 3D Matte painting and Compositing with live action video.


3.Experience in making 3D Liquid simulation ( water splash like AL JAZEERA logo splash ). and all kind of VFX  explosion , fire , smoke .sparks...


4. Camera Tracking , matching CG with live action video .


Contact Address



 Demoreel :

Languages: Arabic, English, Russian